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Domestic Freight - H-Four Logistics  

Domestic Freight

Whether you need to move product across town or across the country H-Four Logistics can provide the service you need to get your product to it’s destination when you need it there. With a strong team of professional drivers that understand the sensitivity of customer freight we can assure you that your supply chain will be maintained with H-Four Logistics. Real time tracking and on time deliveries are the core focus of our day to day operations, leaving us to communicate your requirements from a single point of contact, H-Four Logistics. Read more...

International Freight - H-Four Logistics  

International Freight

H-Four Logistics we are committed to moving your freight cross border hassle free. We service all states and provinces with a variety of service levels and equipment with qualified transportation partners. Shipping internationally takes time and precision, over looked details can leave you with costly problems to solve. Using an experienced 3PL can help you to navigate through the steps involved with scheduling international shipments. Letting us take care of the details and negotiation leaves you with time to focus on your core business without compromising the level of service that your customers have come to rely on. Read more...

Specialty Freight - H-Four Logistics  

Specialty Freight

Moving specialty freight can be time consuming and challenging. H-Four Logistics can work with you to determine equipment allocation, ministry of transport regulation, and cost effective solutions to move your specialty freight, effectively​​​. Moving specialty freight requires a team effort, combined with many members to ensure success. Whether it is a wide load or requires escorts and survey's H-Four Logistics will be part of that team to achieve success and ensure that your goals are satisfied. Read more...

Domestic Freight International Freight Specialty Freight