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Welcome to the resources page.  Here you will find links to useful documents, industry news and updates.  Come back often to check for new information and material.


Terms & Conditions


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Service Times


Transit times will vary from shipment to shipment. Fators such as weather conditions, breakdowns, traffic and customs to name a few can make a small or large impact on the transit time of your shipment. The individual transit time needs can also be reflected in the negotiated freight rate. Click here to view our standard LTL transit times. For specific transit time needs please contact us directly.







We provide a wide range of equipment types including but not limited to:


  • 53' Dry Vans

  • 48' & 53' Flatbeds

  • Step Decks

  • Double Drops

  • Straight Trucks 

  • Hot shots

There are many types of trailer configurations to accomodate the movement of comercial freight. Sizes and weights of tractor/trailer combinations will dertermine how much freight can be accomodated. Click here to see standard open deck trailer configurations. 





Bill of Lading


A Bill of Lading is arguably the most important document when it comes to shipping. Not only is a Bill of Lading or (B/L) a legal document for carriage of goods, it is also the only document that can be used to prove goods were received in good order by the appropriate person.


Click here for a diagram showing the most basic elements which must be present on a standard bill of lading. To access a printable version of a standard BOL Click here. 


Please be sure to review the standard BOL terms and conditions. 

For general shipping purposes, to utilize a standard packing slip Click here.







Customs is an important factor in ensuring a seamless border crossing.  In order to ensure you have an effective customs processes it is imperative to partner with an experienced customs broker. Click here for a list of reputable customs brokers that can assist with your importing and exporting needs.


To access customs documents please click on the links below:


Certificate of Origin

US Customs Clearance Proforma Invoice



CARM Registration 


The CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) portal is an innovative digital platform that streamlines and modernizes the process of importing goods into Canada. It serves as a comprehensive solution for managing customs assessments, payments, and compliance.


Here's a brief overview of the key features and functionalities of the CBSA CARM portal:


Automated Assessments: CARM automates the assessment of duties, taxes, and fees associated with imported goods, reducing manual processing times and enhancing efficiency.

Online Payments: Importers can conveniently make payments for customs duties, taxes, and other fees through the secure online portal, facilitating faster clearance of shipments.

Client Portal: The portal provides importers with a centralized dashboard where they can view and manage their import transactions, access payment history, and stay updated on compliance requirements.

Enhanced Compliance: CARM incorporates advanced risk assessment tools and compliance measures to ensure that importers adhere to regulatory requirements and customs laws.

User-Friendly Interface: With an intuitive user interface, CARM simplifies the import process, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to navigate customs procedures and regulations.


Overall, the CBSA CARM portal represents a significant step forward in modernizing Canada's customs and trade processes, offering importers a streamlined and efficient way to manage their import activities while enhancing compliance and revenue management for the Canadian government.  Below you will find links to asses if you are required to register for CARM and directions on registration. 


CARM Toolkit

CARM Registration